Hartbeespoort Plumbing


WHY Hartbeespoort PLUMBING?


Between our 2 teams we have over 30 years experience. 

We are a local company based here in harties 

We promise to never waste our clients time. When we say we will come, we do.. And always stay in touch so you know when to expect us

We give a six month warranty on all workmanship 




We have been operating in the Hartbeespoort area for many years now. We work. In all. Of the local areas, Pecanwood, Lakeland, westlake, Ifafi, schoemansville, broederstroom, britts etc. 

The company is run by Bez Roberts who is from Manchester in the UK. He studied at the guild hall in London and qualified from the AITF artisans college and has his certificate from them. 


We offer a six month warranty on all workmanship so don't hesitate to call if you have any issues. 


We have 2 dedicated teams working in the Hartbeespoort area full time


Call Andi on 0721047420 


Call Bez on 0824703668 



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